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Bringing Awareness to Bulling by Partnering with Soul Shoppe

Every one of us has had some experience of feeling marginalized, labeled or not seen for who we really are. It’s painful. It can even affect you for a long time. But it doesn’t have to define you. People will have conflicts and difficulties. We have biases. It’s part of being human. How we handle these as individuals and as a society has to get better. And in order to get better, we know partnerships are necessary to bring a greater awareness. And today, we are excited to share that we have partnered with Soul Shoppe.

Soul Shoppe was founded in 2000 with the core commitment of changing school culture through compassion, connection, and curiosity in order to eliminate bullying at its roots. The organization has touched the lives of over half a million children through its grade-level-appropriate workshops and Peacemaker program.

Workshops build skills through the school year, giving youth tools that develop self-awareness and self-regulation. Young people are encouraged to speak their truth and ask for what they need. Practicing empathy and compassion, they resolve problems and conflicts peacefully among themselves, and support one another through the challenges that young people inevitably face.

Principals and administrators report a decrease in the number of disciplinary actions taken when Soul Shoppe programs are implemented. Misunderstandings are managed before they turn into a big deal. People can work out their problems together with the support of their peers. Teachers can create more powerful connections with all of their students and get back to teaching. Everyone can get back to having fun and learning. 

At Soul Shoppe, they also believe in the Drop Labels mission of storytelling making a positive impact to the way we see each other, since they see it happening with elementary school kids every day. As well as, by sharing personal stories, it’s one of the ways that Soul Shoppe’s programs work in over 160 schools each year.

We are excited to collaborate and help bring awareness with Soul Shoppe over the next two months by sharing their personal stories of dealing with certain labels. Learn more about Soul Shoppe here, and join the movement by uploading your personal videos on Drop Labels today.  

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