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Drop Labels is excited to announce our new campaign “Rising Above,” in partnership with Alchemus Prime on the creation of a video series. Every week, a new video will be released that shares a person’s experience of a label from a post traumatic situation. These individuals are members of a community of viewers of Alchemus Prime’s video series, Mornings with Marilyn. We named the campaign Rising Above because it takes great strength to recognise a fault or continuous behaviour that can impact another individual if we are not careful to overcome the negative label. “Rising Above” means that it’s okay to look in the mirror and notice there is a part of us that needs to change in order to improve our impact on others and their trauma.

The videos in the series are made by courageous persons who took many takes since it is very difficult to film such personal stories. It should be known that even though it is difficult to be vulnerable, those who participated knew that the only way for them to change and connect with others is by becoming vulnerable and honest. In return, making their videos has left them feeling empowered and with much gratitude for this campaign. And we, at Drop Labels, are so proud and thankful for them to open and explore their labels publicly. The videos are extremely powerful because they help the individual relive the trauma consciously and release it to the world, inspiring others to do the same.

Learn more about our partner on “Rising Above:"

Alchemus Prime is a leadership and wellness company focused on behavior change that helps reduce greenhouse gases and improve human health at the same time, with the same behaviors. Marilyn Cornelius, founder and (r)evolutionary, is a Stanford-trained behavioral scientist. She started working on trauma by remembering and healing her own trauma with the help of various healing practitioners and her own meditation practice. This process of liberation led her to write her latest book, From Abused to Empowered: Recognizing and Releasing Behavioral Patterns that come From Trauma. Marilyn is going to teach a course based on this book. The course is designed to empower men and women who are ready to face their pain, release labels and limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and overcome their trauma.

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